Last year we supported our network with three high-level research papers.

All three topics were chosen by our members and each tackle a challenge facing the housing sector. We formed workgroups for each and were supported by a subject matter expert as Chair and fantastic stakeholders from across our network. Learn more about them below. 

BIM for Asset Management

An interactive roadmap for RPs and LAs wishing to implement BIM for existing buildings. It’s a comprehensive, evolving and informed attempt by industry practitioners and clients all attempting to promote the business case to support the greater adoption of BIM as a process to achieving greater outcomes.

Download a copy of the report here. 

Procuring for Building Safety

A practical, easy to use guide which supports organisations to procure the right building safety outcomes. It’s split into six sections and is underpinned by four key principles: culture, compliance, competence and control. It’s been written for procurement professionals and anyone seeking advice on building safety.

Download a copy of the report here. 

Sustainable Homes Matrix

A complete solution that enables organisations to move from pledges to measurable actions – formulating an investible approach from boardroom to doorsteps with residents at the as the primary focus. The matrix is focused on levelling up capabilities. This includes defining a Sustainable Homes Policy and identifying approaches to underpin transition now.

Download a copy of the report here.