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Last year we developed our Sustainable Homes Matrix. The matrix helps housing providers to follow an inventible sustainability strategy with residents as the primary focus. 

One year on we’re supporting landlords to deliver programmes through funding streams like the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund – we’re developing a policy workgroup to get the sustainable homes concept adoptable across the housing sector, and we’re building evidence-based cases for the “smart maintenance” model outlined in the Matrix. 

Policy Group led by Michael David, UKBCSD

The sector needs a more unified goal for a sustainable home for our residents a standard that can be adopted for new build and for existing homes within landlord ownership. A policy that supports the sector beyond zero carbon and towards more holistic affordable and sustainable homes.

Our Contributors

  • Dermott Barnes,  Independent
  • Julian Brooks, Programmes Director, Good Homes Alliance
  • Liz Blackwell, Group Head of Environmental Sustainability, L&Q
  • Graeme Maughan, Head of Policy and Practice, Turner Townsend
  • Andrew Champ, Chief Executive, SWIGA
  • Caritas Charles, Policy and Insight Manager, TPAS
  • Manoj David, Director of Investment Development, Moat Homes
  • Chris Paul, Partner, Trowers
  • Jacob Coburn, Adviser – Productivity, LGA
  • Andrew Mellor, Climate Change, PRP
  • James Shallis, Head of Sustainability & ESG, Metropolitan Thames Valley

Smart Maintenance Group led by Jason Longhurst, UKBCSD

To make significant progress we need to make smart maintenance choices. What can we be doing now to make an impact. What can we be doing differently to our already planned maintenance and repair programmes. How can we transition our stock and our residents homes to more affordable sustainable homes at a more efficient rate of investment?

Our Innovators

  • Kara Tomes-Meek, Head of Sustainability, Optivo
  • Nahim Ruhi-Khan, Head of Strategy & Investment, Leeds County Council
  • Sarah Cross, Sustainability Officer, RBKC
  • Barry Jenkinson, Net Zero Carbon Programme Manager, Raven Housing Trust
  • Paul Cingilio, Refurbishment Lead, Superhomes
  • Kerry Elliman, Head of Strategic Asset Management, West Kent Housing
  • Kathryn Hulkes, Programme Manager, Octavia
  • Maria Buenaventura, Senior Associate, ECD Architects
  • Alan Wilson, Director, Net Zero Solutions
  • Jeff House, Head of External Affairs, Baxi
  • Robert Gibbs, Asset Manager, Radcliffe Housing Society
  • Bal Chatta, Compliance & Projects Manager, Gravesham Borough Council
  • John Swinney, Sustainability Lead, Greener Herts