We’ve committed to training housing sector colleagues, organisations and the supply chain through our PROSPECTS programme. 

Each year we reinvest back into the housing sector through our PROSPECTS programme. We’ve created training and coaching opportunities that turn guidance into action – and support the sectors’ greatest challenges. We deliver a range of day courses free for our Members, and subsidised for our wider network. As well as bespoke courses that can be delivered in-house to organisations and, training for our supply chain. Learn more about them below.

For further information please contact our training team on – sec.training@southeastconsortium.org.uk / 0204 570 6637

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Training courses for colleagues working in housing.

We deliver a suite of training sessions designed to truly make a difference to you and your organisation. We’ve partnered with excellent providers to design tailored courses which focus on supporting you across a range of disciplines.

Tailored courses delivered to multiple colleagues in-house. 

We can also adapt our training courses, or design new courses based on your organisation’s internal training requirements. These sessions will be perfectly suited to your needs and we work closely with you to meet your objectives.

Bespoke training courses that support contractors.

We’re developing our training offer by investing in upskilling the supply chain. Courses cover topics on public procurement, contract management and working with the public sector.