Does your organisation have specific training requirements? We can adapt our courses and deliver them to you in-house. 

Sometimes organisations have a large number of colleagues they’d like to train. Or, they’d like to adapt a course to fit their specific needs. In this case we can tailor our courses to fit your requirements and deliver them to you in house.

This offer is available to all SEC Members. We work with over 20 training providers who can support you across a range of disciplines. We’ll take a structured approach to ensure any bespoke training we provide is suited to you.

Courses cover a range of disciplines. We can deliver any course from our day training programme, as well as a range of additional courses. 

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28 courses available across 6 disciplines

98% of delegates recommend our courses

“I thoroughly enjoyed and found it very helpful.”

Delegate from Mhs Homes

What are the benefits?

  • We’ll adapt the course to meet your specific training requirements
  • Choose from 28 courses across 6 disciplines
  • Courses can be delivered online or in-house at your offices
  • We can use real-world examples and organisational processes within the course material
  • All costs are subsidised – it’s our commitment to invest in colleagues working in housing
  • Members can use your training allowance towards the cost of the session

What's the process?

  • Contact a member of our training team on 0204 570 6637 or 
  • Either Alex or Jo will be in touch to arrange a scoping call with your team – we’ll look at the current content and explore your requirements in more detail
  • From there we’ll work with the training provider to design a bespoke session for you
  • Once you’re happy with the content, we’ll book in the session

What courses can you deliver?

We can deliver all the courses from our day training programme – view them here. 

We can also offer training on:

Case Study - in house training for MHS Homes

Last year we delivered two in-house courses for MHS Homes. They identified two specific internal training requirements which we could help them with.

  • Practical Contract Management Training – Our Director of Strategic Development, David Ashby designed and facilitated a bespoke session for their colleagues. All delegates were given a comprehensive overview of contract management that aligned to their internal processes. We also provided key takeaway handouts to support colleagues with their ongoing learning.
  • HHSRS Training – Andrew Lavendar, our CPD training provider delivered a session in-house. Colleagues working within their major repairs, planning, fire and asset delivery terms attended. The course was a full day session looking at the background of HHSRS, how the rating system works, and how to use the operating guidance.

Testimonials from our delegates – 

  • “This was a really good session – thank you for adapting to the rooms level”
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed and found it very useful. Thank you also for your feedback to the questionnaire”
  • “Thank you for making it an interesting and knowledge sharing day”.

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