Join us for our first training week! We’re running seven new sessions free for Members in July. 

Our training week is a great chance for you to try out new sessions and for us to introduce new trainers. All seven courses cover a range of topics. You don’t need to use your training allocation – they’re free for Members to attend. Currently sessions are only open to colleagues from Housing Associations and Local Authorities. If you’re a contractor or consultant, please head to our supply chain training page. 

15 July | 10:00

EDI Foundations

Understand the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion in this interactive workshop.
15 July | 14:30

Customer Centric Cultures

Improve customer satisfaction by embedding customer centric behaviours in your organisation.
16 July | 10:00

Introduction to Neurodiversity

Understand what neurodiversity is - and how to best support neurodiverse colleagues.
16 July | 13:00

Delivering Meaningful Social Value

Interactive workshop on delivering meaningful and sustainable social value within communities.
18 July | 14:00

Leadership Team and Skills Development

Build cohesive leadership teams which result in positive colleague engagement and the efficient delivery of services.
19 July | 10:00

Introduction to our Next Generation Leaders Programme

Learn more about our training programme - and how it can benefit you and your organisation.
19 July | 13:00

Principles of Insurance & Risk Management

Learn more about professional indemnity insurance and what the market looks like for professionals.