The Offer

We are pleased to offer our customers two spaces on our training programme for every procurement that proceeds to contract.

This includes contracts let through any of our frameworks, our DPS and bespoke procurements.

You will have access to the training programme that runs from April22 – March23

Your allocation must be used by the end of the current training calendar that runs untill March 2023, any unused training can not be carried over to future years (this is with the exception of procurements completed in February & March 2023).

Your free training balance will be updated within a week of the contract formalising with our procurement team and an e-mail will be sent confirming this.

There is no limit to how many training spaces you can accrue. If you run 10 procurements through us you will accrue 20 spaces on our training programme.

Training spaces awarded in this way cannot be sold or traded.



As members you get an allocation of training from the beginning of April to use throughout the programme. Any additional places accrued through procurement activity will be added to your allocation.

Your total balance, less bookings will be still communicated to the dedicated contact within your organisation through our monthly balance statement.



The contact for the procurement that secures the two free training places will be initially used by our training team to update you monthly on your training balance and upcoming sessions.

If you wish an alternative contact to be used to notify of your training allowance balance please contact

procurement training