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Our BIM Research Group met for the first time last week, we hear from our Managing Director Marc Baines on how they got on. We’ll be posting regular updates to this blog as they progress –  it’s an ambitious group of people really looking to make a difference!

The SEC BIM workgroup met last week – Chaired by Bola Abisogun OBE FRICS. Bola is an Independent Management Consultant, Chartered Surveyor (and Fellow of RICS) and a Chartered Construction Manager.

Our workgroup was attended by a fantastic stakeholder group of consultants, contractors, academics and clients, with one thing in common – they’re all advocates of BIM!  You can find out more about this group here – BIM Research Group.

The group began by talking about pain points and group objectives – what was clear is that there is an opportunity and desire to make a difference, not just to talk about the subject.   We agreed that we’d work to drive some form of change.

Our workgroup analysed the data from an Inside Housing survey.  The data provided a clear picture – as a sector, we’re not embracing BIM.  The data didn’t surprise us at all.

Our sector lacks an understanding of BIM and there is no urgency to implement it.  The group agreed education is key!  BIM is not a system or a bit of technology – it’s a culture and way of working to better understand your buildings.  It is BETTER Information management.

The data suggested the people in our sector know that they want BIM.  But, they don’t adopt it at the moment.  It suggested that people would use it in the future but they’re not quite sure about it.  The benefits, cost of implementation, procurement, management and savings [it may deliver] aren’t widely appreciated.

The group are clear our mission is to demystify BIM, to make the sector clear it’s about having the right data at your fingertips – not some fancy technology.

So, Bola set the workgroup some homework, we’ll tell you about that next time…  And, we’re off to a flying start – you may well see a roadmap, user guides, practitioner examples and presentations reinforcing what BIM can do for you.

We’re fortunate to have an array of talented minds involved.  Our workgroup are committed to making a difference. Watch this space…

Marc Baines

Managing Director

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