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We’re excited to be a part of HACT’s workgroup developing their social value roadmap. The roadmap will enable our sector to use social value information to enhance decision-making and ultimately increase the impact we make to the communities we serve. We’d like to form a feeder group made up of SEC Members. This will help us to inform our discussions with the workgroup and influence the project ahead.

Social value will influence every area of your organisation and this is a great opportunity to work with colleagues across the sector on this important project. The feeder group will meet before each HACT steering group meeting. We’ll discuss the proposed roadmap, how it could impact your organisation and your considerations.

Gavin Wolstenhulme, our Procurement Manager will Chair the feeder group. He’s our representative at HACT and is committed to bringing the different perspectives of SEC Members to the social value roadmap. If you’d like to join our feeder group or would like to speak to us about it in more detail please email us at

SEC joined the group supporting HACT’s pioneering social value roadmap in December 2020.  It’s been developed by a taskforce made up of organisations form across the sector and will enable our Members to utilise social value information to improve procurement, services, enhance decision making and increase the impact we make.

The taskforce identified that Social Value reporting is still a new discipline, awareness and understanding is still patchy and the potential is still not fully recognised. There is demand and potential for social value measurement to be developed further and embrace more sophistication and be much more analytical in the coming 5 years to respond to numerous agendas for example ESG, Covid response.

The roadmap team will now be looking at reviewing the current values that are measured by the Social Value Bank tool(s) and make sure they are fit for purpose, and indeed add new ones which are more relevant. Teaming up with HACT to shape the social value roadmap ahead is something we’re asking all of our Members to get involved in.  Through our partnership they’ll be able to influence the project ahead.  Our relationship with HACT will help us to better advise and support customers who ask how they can get more social benefit through our frameworks and services.  This partnership will also help us to deliver our key strategic priorities which were designed by our Members.

Please get in touch if you’d like to be involved.

Ellie Park, Training & Events Coordinator, South East Consortium

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