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We’re pleased to say that at the beginning of June David Smith joined us as our Head of Business Partnerships. As SEC grows and we start to drive towards our 2020-23 strategic goals, David will lead our Business Partnerships team as we look to re-invest back into the sector and increase knowledge sharing support across our Membership.

David has a considerable amount of experience having worked in the Housing Sector for 9 years. As Head of Business Partnerships, David is responsible for our business brand message and communications. He leads on our partnership programmes and his team will drive forward a range of initiatives on influencing solutions for the sectors future.

We’re excited to have David on board and he’s already got some great ideas in the pipeline. He’s written some words below for our network, introducing himself and his vision for the new role.

I am proud to be part of the team here. South East Consortium is known for its personalised and great level of service around our procurement offering. I have seen the business grow significantly in the last 5 years. Whilst my colleague Dave Ashby will continue with his team in this effort, I look forward to supporting our growth, profile building and influence on the sector.

Our aspiration is to not be, just another procurement organisation, but a support organisation to the housing sector that is valued. We have a range of initiatives to support our Members including an extensive training programme and a knowledge share platform that brings industry leading tech, capability and best practice evidence to assist the consortia Members with the common challenges they all face.

I will lead on a partnership programme to ensure we are available and aware not only to each organisations challenges, but those felt by different divisions within, ie Development, Compliance, Asset management. For Public Sector bodies I am always more than happy to converse and to define forthcoming challenges and explore how we can support.

After serving the housing sector as a Supplier over the last 8+ years, I have worked closely with the South East Consortium and other frameworks. I have a whole hearted respect for the effort our supply chain invest in getting on our frameworks and as such we want to work in partnership with them too. My team and I want to make their placement on such as successful as possible. In turn this will encourage a better engaged supplier for our clients and more efficient and effective value for money procurements.”

David Smith, Head of Business Partnerships


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