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Has your organisation ever considered what benefits you’d receive as a SEC Member?  Alternatively, are you an existing Member looking to learn more about how we’ll support you in 2021?

The New Year usually has most people eager for a fresh start after a busy Christmas season. Whilst this year maybe a bit different, at the South East Consortium, 2021 will see us continue to do more for our Members.

Here’s five ways we’re looking at Membership differently in 2021.

1. Celebrating the diverse range of organisations across our Membership

There’s no one-size fits all approach to SEC Membership. And we know sometimes Membership isn’t the right fit for every organisation. We’ve a great variety of housing providers that are a part of our Consortium – from some of the largest Local Authorities & Housing Associations that manage over 55,000 homes, to Smaller Housing Associations with 310.

We’ve adapted our service accordingly. When using our frameworks we’re able to support you with as much, or as little of the process as required. Whether that be advice on route to market, technical support or cost benchmarking. 2021 will also see us hone our specific offer to Smaller HA’s. Please ask us about how we can help.

2. Investing in your people

In December we launched our Prospects Programme. This year we’ll provide a range of initiatives that influence the success of the colleagues working across our Membership. We’ll work with our Members to create the next generation of future leaders.  SEC will sponsor one ‘shooting star’ from each organisation in three cohorts between April 2021 and March 2022.

3. Supporting the causes that matter to you

Through our Foundation Fund we commit to investing £150,000 over 3 years by supporting community projects in areas we operate and serve. Members are able to nominate a cause today online.  Our trustee panel is made up of colleagues from our Membership and our wider network.

4. Funding research projects into strategic issues voted on by Members

This year sees the start of our high level research projects. Each topic is one voted on by our Members and explore the strategic issues most commonly foreseen in the sector. This year’s topics are on Climate Change Solutions, Maintaining Building Safety and BIM for Asset Management. Follow their progress here.

5. Shaping frameworks which work for you and your organisation

SEC Membership puts you at the heart of what we do. This year we want to hear from you – what frameworks would you like to see added to our offer? In 2021 we’ll also be looking to re-procure our Fire Consultancy and Fire Remedial Works frameworks. You’ll be given the opportunity to shape the final look of these.

If your organisation has considered Membership in the past or you would like to learn more, then our Head of Business Partnership will be happy speak with you. We can review membership against your current needs in a bespoke review for your organisation. You can contact David on 0787 241 3615 or by email

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