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Our project initiation checklists can now be completed online. We use the checklists in order to best understand your requirements. They help us to tailor our services and ensures that we deliver results which meets with your objectives every time.

Moving the checklists online means SEC customers are able to access them whilst working from home and means they’re able to save forms and return to them at a later date. Your account will also allow you to auto-fill common fields when carrying out multiple projects.

When using the majority of our frameworks we’ll ask you to complete one of the checklists below. Which checklist you complete depends on your desired process – Direct Award or Mini Tender.

  • Direct Award
    • Direct Award checklistyou only need to fill this out if you know you’d like to direct award from the relevant framework
  • Mini Tender
    • 1st – Expression of Interest checklistwe’ll ask you to complete this if you’d like to run a mini tender off of one of our frameworks. This will allow us to approach all the contractors on the Framework Lot and tell them about your upcoming project.
    • 2nd – Mini Tender checklist Once you’ve confirmed you’d like to go ahead with the mini tender then we’ll ask you to complete our ‘Mini Tender’ checklist.

We have individual checklists for some of our other frameworks/services. If you’re using either our Legal Services or New Build framework, or would like to run a bespoke project with us then you only need to complete the relevant checklist below.:

  • New Build checklist
  • Legal Services checklist
  • Bespoke Procurement checklist

You can find out more about our online checklists and set up your account here  –

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