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Last week Cabinet Office published PPN 06/23. The update highlights the importance of  their Commercial Playbooks – they aim to improve decision-making and are designed to overhaul how the Public Sector approaches risk, sustainability and innovation. 

There are currently 4 Playbooks: 

You’re able to download the PPN here Procurement Policy Note: The Commercial Playbooks (HTML) – GOV.UK (

What is the PPN changing?

The PPN is asking In-Scope Organisations to “apply the principles, rules and guidelines set out in the Playbooks” within 3 months. They should also be mindful to apply any content added to the Playbooks in the future.

Who are “In Scope Organisations”? 

In-Scope organisations include all Central Government Departments, their Executive Agencies and Non-Departmental Public Bodies. However, all other public sector bodies should take account of the Playbooks as best practice and so take their principles into account when approaching their commercial activities

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