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Procurement legislation in the UK is changing…

The Government is making changes to the rules and regulations governing public spend now that we have left the EU. Cabinet Office is regularly releasing updates in the form of Procurement Policy Notes (PPNs) and changes to procurement law are expected in autumn 2021.

We’ve worked to develop an interactive guide for our network on recent changes highlighted by the National Procurement Policy Statement (NPPS). It’s especially important as it gives us another indication of the direction of travel
ahead of the upcoming Procurement reform. The changes that it announced take effect immediately and applies to all Contracting Authorities (CAs) in the UK – not just central government bodies.

View the interactive guide here – NPPS Guidance Document. 

At SEC we’re here to support you with your procurements. We’ll always make sure the projects you carry out through us are fully compliant and we’ll be updating our own internal procedures to incorporate the changes into our everyday procurement practice. We’ve created a web page dedicated to supporting you to prepare for the changes – you can view our latest blog updates and the NPPS guidance Document here – Latest Updates on UK Procurement Reform – SouthEastConsortium

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