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We’re delighted to announce our partnership with AM Bid this week! It’s been designed to support SMEs bidding for our frameworks and mini tenders. Contractors can now receive 20% off of AM Bid’s Ultimate Tender Coach using the code SEC22. 

What is Ultimate Tender Coach? 

Ultimate Tender Coach is a new training course that gives you access to a comprehensive and flexible online training platform covering the entire end-to-end bid lifecycle. It also provides 12 months of weekly coaching support and access to a members’ forum.

It’s ultimately designed to give you all the skills you need to identify, write and develop winning bids.

Helping SMEs to bid better 

We’re committed to supporting the SMEs on our frameworks. 85 % of our current framework contractors are SMEs – however we recognise that many small businesses do not have the same access to internal bid support teams that help large contractors with their responses.

This is why we see a real benefit in our partnership with AM Bid and Ultimate Tender Coach. The offer includes a 25-hour online training programme which can then be used as an in-house bid recourse, an invite to join a one-hour weekly coaching call and access to a private group sharing news, insights and opportunities.

Our framework contractors and any future contractors looking to bid for our frameworks can use the exclusive offer code SEC22 which gives you 20% off the advertised price. This offer coincides with the re-procurement of our Internal & External Building Works framework. We will go to tender at the end of November – you can find more information by following the PIN notice. 

For more information on Ultimate Tender Coach visit

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