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Last month the Chartered Institute of Housing and the National Housing Federation released their response to the Better Social Housing Review. It’s an action plan for real change that recognises housing as a “system under pressure”. We commend their joint work and have committed to supporting the Review with our own actions. 

We’ve provided a brief summery of their points and what we’re doing to support where we can below.

The action points include:

  1. Every housing association (and the sector as a whole) should refocus on their core purpose and deliver against it.
    • Our commitment – We’ll continue to run free events that are informative and always link back to our core focus – of delivering truly brilliant homes for the communities we serve.
  2. Housing associations should work together to conduct and publish a thorough audit of social housing in England. Here the aim is for providers to build up the data they need to effectively monitor property condition and take informed actions to improve quality.
    • Our commitment – we recognise the importance of data and how this can support you with the Golden Thread. We’re developing a digitisation of information framework to support you to begin and maintain this journey.
  3. Housing providers should partner with residents, contractors and frontline staff to develop and apply new standards which define what an outstanding maintenance and repairs process looks like. The CIH will establish a Best Practice in Repairs and Maintenance Group to support this.
    • Our commitment – we’ve taken one of 14 seats at the roundtable put together by CIH to support this. We know that our unique position in the sector gives us valuable insight into delivering brilliant repairs and maintenance services.
  4. The CIH should promote the traditional housing officer role as a supported and valued opportunity – and support this with a recognised programme of training and continuous development.
  5. Housing Associations should work with all residents to ensure that they have a voice and influence at every level of decision making across the organisations – through both voluntary and paid roles.
  6. Housing Associations should develop a proactive local community presence through community hubs which foster greater multi-agency working.
  7. Housing Associations should support residents and frontline staff to undertake an annual review of the progress each organisations is making in implementing this reviews recommendations.
If you’d like to speak to us about our response to the action plan in more detail please get in touch. We’re here and happy to help.


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