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We’re proud to announce that we’ve joined the Building a Safer Future Charter (BSF) as a Corporate Partner this month. Becoming Members demonstrates our commitment to a positive culture change for the built environment and ensures that we’re always up-to-date with developments as they happen. 

We spoke to our Head of Operations, David Ashby to learn more about our partnership –

‘The Building a Safer Future Charter (BSF) has been created to promote an urgent and positive culture and behaviour change in the safety of the built environment. It is about putting people’s safety first. SEC believe that the aims of the charter and the five commitments are important to meeting the challenge of leadership and culture change. The BSF leadership and culture statements align with the aims that we have set out in our Building Safety report (to be published in Feb 2022) and our strategic aims to influence solutions for the sector. By becoming Corporate Supporters we’re showing our support for the brilliant work the BSF are doing and providing our unique perspective to help change the culture around safety. We look forward to playing an active role with BSF and meeting these shared aims.’

Learn more about them here – Building a Safer Future. 

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