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Our Building Safety Research Group met for the third time last week. They’ve already set out drafting their guidance document – this time they turn their sights on the guiding principles. 

The Guidance Document – where we are so far. 

The Working Group has now agreed a structure for their guidance document. It will define the key principles that underpin best practice procurement in respect of building safety – with guidance on how to achieve this.

The guide will work for procurement and asset management colleagues working at different levels within housing.

It will provide them with the tools to –

  1. drive the right culture and behaviours at organisational level, and
  2. set the standards and ensure compliance throughout the supply chain

The 4 C’s – Culture, Compliance Competence, Control. 

The group spent some time considering how they’ll approach the key themes of these 4 C’s within the guidance document. They’ll begin by capturing the key themes that underpin these – such as ‘communication’ and ‘collaboration’. These will all be supported by case studies which reflect both good and poor practice in procuring building safety solutions. It will be a practical guide at all levels.

The group also agreed on the 5 guidance sections which will form the document. Specific members of the workgroup will support each chapter – meaning that we’ll benefit from their expertise at every stage.

  • Section 1: Relevant Legislation
  • Section 2: Capability
  • Section 3: Products
  • Section 4: Contracts
  • Section 5:Information

Next Steps…

The group will now begin to draft the guidance for each section over the Summer. They’ll meet again in mid-October to compile the sections and finalise the content.

Watch this space for updates as they progress!

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