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We've recently helped Phoenix Community Housing (PCH) to procure two contracts covering their asbestos management surveys and asbestos remedial actions. They used both our Asbestos Frameworks and consulted with their leaseholders under Section 20. After two competitive tender processes, they appointed Pennington Choices and European Asbestos Services in December 2023.

How did we help?  

Phoenix Community Housing wanted to consult their leaseholders first, and so carried out their Stage 1 Notices before sending us their tender documents. We helped them administer the tenders, advising on their tender timetable and liaised with them on their clarifications.  

Once tender responses were returned, we checked the financial submissions and sent them on to PCH for them to carry out their full financial and quality evaluations. Once these were complete PCH sent us their final scores – from there we compiled the Tender Report for their approval. PCH carried out Stage 2 of their Section 20 before issuing award letters to the contractors.  

To finalise the award, we drafted both contracts for PCH and issues them for signing.  

We’re pleased to have helped our long-standing Member, Phoenix Community Housing on both awards. We’re looking forward to hearing about the contracts’ successes once they begin!  

“We chose SEC for our procurement needs as their frameworks offer the greatest range of quality contractors and their staff have proven extremely knowledgeable and helpful at all stages of the procurement process. 

Morris Williams has been particularly helpful for meeting our needs and was able to manage 6 parallel procurements for us with aplomb, leading to the successful appointment of all contracts.” 

Lee Fielding, Data Compliance Manager from Phoenix Community Housing

We also caught up with the successful contractors on their awards –  

“European Asbestos Services is delighted with our successful renewal of our agreement with Phoenix Community Housing. We are pleased to continue our partnership, reinforcing our shared commitment to safety, quality, and community well-being. The renewal of this partnership serves as a testament to our mutual commitment to delivering high-quality services. We are excited to extend our collaboration with Phoenix Community Housing, where shared values and a commitment to excellence have consistently been the cornerstone of our successful partnership. Anticipating continued close cooperation, we eagerly look forward to contributing to the safety and welfare of the community they serve.”

Gary Spillane, Estimating Director, European Asbestos Services  

“Pennington Choices are thrilled with the outcome of the tender exercise and are thoroughly looking forward to extending our working relationship with Phoenix Community Housing, where our shared values and commitment to high quality service has been at the foundation of our successful partnership. This renewal is both testament to the smooth, simple, and informed procurement exercise managed by SEC, as well as our unwavering commitment to provide high quality, diligent and innovative services that facilitate the safety of our clients’ customers. We therefore anticipate a productive and collaborative long-term partnership moving forward, continuing to provide top-quality asbestos management services whilst upholding the highest standards in safety and compliance.”

Dan Roebuck, Asbestos Services Director, Pennington Choices

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