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We know that building safety – and importantly how to procure your building safety projects – is consistently ranked as one of your a top priorities. Last year, in response to this, we published our essential guide on ‘Procuring for Building Safety’. We’ve recently updated the document the reflect the final Building Safety Act and it’s secondary legislation. You can download a copy here – Procuring for Building Safety Report. 

The guidance document is a accumulation of many hours of collaboration between stakeholders from across our network – including industry leaders, academics, consultants, contractors and colleagues from Registered Providers all passionate about building safety.

They’ve developed a practical, easy to use guide which supports organisations to procure the right building safety outcomes. It’s split into six sections and is underpinned by four key principles: culture, compliance, competence and control.

The sections that follow the key principles focus on five areas:

  • Legislation
  • Competence
  • Products
  • The Golden Thread
  • Contracts

The guide is clear, concise and easy to read. It’s been written for procurement professionals and anyone seeking advice on building safety.

It’s free to use and you can download the document here – Procuring for Building Safety.

Please share the guide across your organisation – it’s been designed by your colleagues with you in mind.

And the work doesn’t stop there – we’ll keep updating the guide as things progress!

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