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We’ve committed to spending £150,000 through our Foundation in the next three years. In our first round of funding we recently supported Compass Community Arts with a £6,800 donation. The donation has supported their community engagement project called ARTWALKS. The project uses creativity to engage with local residents vulnerable to isolation.

About Compass Community Arts

Compass supports vulnerable residents within their community. They use creative practices as a tool for social change and rebuilding lives. Their programmes develop confidence and interaction by encouraging participants to express themselves through creativity.


Of those participating in Compass programmes –

  • 20% have no digital access
  • 20% have physical challenges
  • 40% experience mental health challenges
  • 5% have a learning difference
  • 20% live alone

COVID 19 and the lasting social effects have further impacted isolation and mental health within the community. The ARTWALKS project provides a non-digital community engagement solution which addresses this isolation. And, by using public spaces to promote creativity Compass are making art accessible to all and building their sense of community and connection.

Quote from Artwalks attendee – “Finally after all that time isolating from Covid, I can meet with people. I enjoy coming and meeting people with such different life experience from me and I find I get on with them and am starting to make friends. I have been so lonely. Funny, I didn’t know that I liked art!”

SEC visit Compass…

As part of our commitment to Compass we recently visited them for the day in Eastbourne to understand more about the great work they’re doing.

The day began at The Compass Community Arts Gallery in the Beacon Centre with a show reel of art-work made during the first half of the ARTWALKS project. Whilst on our visit we were fully immersed in two of their workshops – a poetry walk and an art walk. All of their workshops are intergenerational, inclusive, non-hierarchical and informal. We experienced first-hand the transformative nature of the walks which encourage interaction and confidence expressing your creativity!

Compass & Eastbourne Homes –

The project was initially nominated for funding by Nikki Wickham, Specialist Advisor – Tenant Involvement at Eastbourne Borough Council.

“We had worked with Compass community arts on a range of activities we love their creativity in the way they deliver their programmes and their inclusivity. COVID highlighted the importance of this approach. A proposal to start art walks was such a heartening and positive response to the situation, and one that addressed a significant concern for us in the Council – that of isolation, particularly for vulnerable people. As the pandemic progressed Compass Community Arts adapted their small group provision to a buddying approach enabling continued (albeit limited) social contact and a means for participants to express themselves in a very difficult time. Their ‘can do’ approach is evidenced in their curation of the artwork and the ability of the participants which they have encouraged and nurtured.”

Learn more about Compass and how you could help here – Arts organisation providing arts and artistic experiences to members of the local community and especially to those marginalised groups and individuals (


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