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Earlier this year we donated £5,000 to support West Kent Housing Association’s youth team as part of our first wave of Foundation funding. The Cole Charitable Trust, Kent County Council, Sevenoaks District Council and SEC jointly funded their Young Adventurers’ summer residential trips.

We recently met with them to raise awareness of the great work they’re doing. 

Their Young Adventurers clubs are for young people ages 8-12. They provide young people with regular activities in a safe environment with an emphasis on behaviour and positive communication. The project aims to increase their self-confidence, skills and interests by introducing them to a wide range of activities in a safe and caring environment.

The Young Adventurers summer residentials took place in August. Many of the young people experienced staying away from their families for the first time. The trip focused on three main health and wellbeing benefits: 

  • Firstly, young people enjoyed participating in physical activities – climbing, kayaking and swimming.
  • Secondly, by trying new challenging activities in a safe environment, they developed their self-esteem and the confidence to face future challenges.
  • Thirdly, the young people increased their engagement in positive interactions with other young people and youth workers.

Learn more about West Kent’s youth team and the positive work they’re doing here – West Kent youth services | West Kent

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