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We’re excited to announce the suppliers appointed to our £740m Internal & External Building Works framework.  

The framework connects customers to experienced contractors ready to deliver their planned capital works programmes and upgrades. It’s been designed to support public sector organisations – including housing, healthcare and education providers. And, it’s divided into four Lots broken down by contract value to provide a range of contractors from SMEs to national providers. 

Jenna Hicken, our Director of Operations said, “I would like to congratulate all suppliers on joining our new framework and the team at SEC are looking forward to working and engaging with them.  I am pleased to see we have attracted a variety of different sized suppliers that will be able to provide services to our customers for all different sized projects. We are excited to start engaging early on a number of projects which we already have in the pipeline and to encourage the use of alliancing contracts to grow collaborative working relationships between suppliers, customers and the team at SEC.”

You can learn more about the framework here – Complete Building Works Solutions – South East Consortium 

We’re proud to appoint 30 suppliers to the new framework and would like to congratulate them on their successful bids – 

AD Construction Group 

Arc Group London 

Axis Europe  

Bell Group 

Breyer Group 

Cablesheer Construction 

Chigwell Construction 

Diamond Build 


Elkins Construction 

Equans Regenerartion 

Etec Cpntract Services 

Gateville Group 

George Jones & Son 

Greyline Builders 



HLS McConnell 



Niblock Builders 

Osborne Property Services 

PFL Electrical 

R Benson Property Maintenance 

TMC Contractors 

TSG Building Services 

United Living 

VINCI Facilities 


Wiggett Group