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We awarded £10,000 to Wildwood Trust through our FOUNDATION funds last year. The funds have been used to support their pine marten project. We visited them earlier this month to see how they are getting on.

What has the funding been used for?

Jenner Group nominated Wildwood through our FOUNDATION fund. The £10,000 gifted to Wildwood has been used to support their Pine Marten project.

Pine martens are a highly endangered species and in the past have been difficult to breed in captivity. Our funding has helped Wildwood speed up the process of building 8 new large enclosures to hopefully breed and reintroduce pine martens back into the South East.

Pine martens have an important role in the food chain. They help regulate the number of species they prey on which contributes to a healthy ecosystem and balanced biodiversity.

The Wildwood team have worked hard to put this project together and ensure the Pine Martens have a safe enclosure to successfully grow their population.

David and Leone from SEC visited Wildwood last month to learn more about the pine marten project and view the enclosures. Their first pine marten is being moved in this week, so please visit their website to keep up to date on this project and their many other projects. Wildwood Kent (

Who is Wildwood Trust?

Wildwood Trust is a native species conservation charity that works with nature to fight the biodiversity crisis. Their mission is to protect, conserve and rewild British wildlife.

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