Incorporation will make us a better, faster and greener organisation. It’s a vital step towards delivering our strategic ambitions, and providing Gold Standard support to the Housing Sector. 

On 1 July 2024 we’ll become a Company Limited by Guarantee – and no longer need an accountable body. We’ll still be owned by our Members. And, will remain a central purchasing body dedicated to supporting social housing providers.

Incorporation provides us with some exciting opportunities. We’ll have a clearer social purpose, and will deliver more training and tailor-made tenders for our customers.  Underpinning this all, our focus will always be to make procurement easy, give you options and save you time and money – every time.

It’ll still be the same people, delivering the same services to our customers. And we’ll retain our dedication to customer care, with a clear Membership offer that keeps our Members at the centre of everything we do.

A central reason for Incorporation has been to adopt a purpose, mission and set of values fit for the future. We’re excited to introduce them to you here – and to work with you over the years ahead!

To lead on public procurement

Our Purpose

Enable efficient delivery of contracts

Our Mission

Our support is easy to understand, provides options and adds value – every time

Our Value Proposition

Incorporation means we’re able to adopt values that are important to us and our customers. 

We’ll live these values and will embed them in all of our processes. They embody our culture and will help us to keep this at the heart of everything we do. You’ll recognise them when interacting with us in anyway – either as customer, framework service provider or supplier.

We have

If you've any questions on our Incorporation, please get in touch - we're here and happy to help.