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“PPN” stands for Procurement Policy Note. They’re updates that the Government release which advise the country on changes to procurement rules. They’ve been happening more regularly now that we’ve left the EU. As part of SECs commitment to our network we’ll be updating you on each relevant PPN.

What’s important about PPN 06/21?

This particular PPN is a short one but especially relevant to our network. It’s asking Contracting Authorities (CAs) to take into account Carbon Reduction Plans when procuring major government contracts.

In tenders for public works costing over £5m per annum, CAs should now include a requirement for bidding suppliers to provide a Carbon Reduction Plan as part of the selection criteria.

The Carbon Reduction Plan should confirm the supplier’s commitment to achieving Net Zero by 2050 in the UK, and set out the environmental management measures that they have in place which will be utilised during the contract term.

You can read the PPN in full here – Procurement Policy Note 06/21.  The PPN also includes a Carbon Reduction Plan Template.

Who does it apply to? 

PPN 06/21 applies to:

  • Central Government Departments,
  • their Executive Agencies, and
  • Non-Departmental Public Bodies (this includes Housing Associations).

However, the PPN is especially relevant to suppliers – we’d encourage the service providers on our frameworks to read the PPN in full and then draft a Carbon Reduction Plan template. Tenderers will be asking to see this from you on major bids from October.

When does it apply from? – 30 September 2021

At SEC we’re here to support you with your procurements. We’ll always make sure the projects you carry out through us are fully compliant and we’ll be updating our own internal procedures to incorporate this advice into our everyday procurement practice.

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