We’ve partnered with Gowi Consulting to deliver this bespoke training course to our network.

We’ll provide a structure for handling complaints, to achieve a positive outcome for all parties and to recognise the skills and techniques which can support an effective course of action and where complaints can actually be considered ‘gifts’ for the organisation.

Content Overview:

  • We start by understanding what are customer complaints, and asking if there is an opportunity for the customer to have a more positive view of our business after the complaint is resolved.
  • There are some fundamental steps to successfully handling customer complaints and we work through these, understanding the traits and behaviours required. This includes our ability to ask effective questions and to listen fully.
  • How can we identify a desired outcome and suggest solutions which meet both parties needs?
  • The ability to identify the type of customer we are dealing with helps achieve a better outcome more quickly, so we look at beliefs, attitudes and needs of our customers.
  • The session will share examples of good complaint handling and what made it successful. How do we deal with difficult or unreasonable people? Or with high levels of emotion?
  • Delegates will identify where they can apply incremental improvements to their complaint handling, which will in turn deliver positive outcomes more of the time and build long term relationships with their customers.
  • We discuss how to share ‘lessons learned’ internally and externally to build trust.
  • We look at the importance of looking after those in the team who deal with complaints, to ensure the challenging conversations do not have a negative impact.



Delegates will:

  • Feel confident in their ability to engage in customer complaints.
  • Have a clear structure of how to manage the conversation, including dealing with upset and emotion.
  • Ask great questions and listen effectively to a customer complaint.
  • Be able to recognise what a successful outcome might look like for a customer.
  • Be able to respond quickly and effectively, providing the customer with a level of comfort that their complaint is important and is being managed appropriately.
  • Feel comfortable in both face to face and telephone ‘complaint handling’ environments.
  • Know how to remain positive, feel supported and celebrate their successes as customer challenges are resolved and learnings are achieved.
  • Be able to share experiences and learn from colleagues about what has worked well and what could be even better.


MEMBERS:  Free (£30 + VAT if outside of free allocation)


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We will be delivering this training session at Eastgate in Northfleet, Kent. In advance of the session, you will be sent a calendar invite with attached T&C’s, directions, and any pre-course material. 

Lunch and refreshments will be included. 

We look forward to seeing you there. 

Want to train your team? We can adapt this course and deliver it to you in-house.