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It’s been great to be involved in the FSCF Thought Leadership Group as we look to improve fire safety compliance across the sector. The final Insights Guide was published last week and you can download the digital copy here –

FSCF – TLG Best Practice Guide – 1 (

The Forum is a diverse group of social landlords, consultants, contractors, lawyers and procurement frameworks – all active in the field of fire safety and passionate about driving change across our sector.

Their Insights Guide has been created with input from the group with the aim of improving fire safety compliance practice among every level of the supply chain. We’ve met regularly to share insights, experiences and promote better practices.

Topics include:

  • The importance of asset data
  • Assessing fire risks, competencies and survey regimes
  • Programming, prioritising and budgeting
  • Procurement, perceptions of quality and quality assurance
  • Communications with residents
  • Education and spreading best practice

We’d like to say thank you to PML Group and Checkmate Fire Solutions for facilitating the work group. We’ll be releasing our Report on ‘Procuring for Building Safety’  in January.

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