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We’re excited to announce the suppliers appointed to our new Electrical Works Framework.  

The framework connects customers to experienced contractors ready to deliver their electrical testing programmes and upgrades. It’s been designed to support public sector organisations – including housing, healthcare and education providers. 

You can learn more about the framework here – Electrical Works Framework – South East Consortium. 

We’re proud to appoint 13 suppliers to the new framework and would like to congratulate them on their successful bids – 

1. Dodd Group
2. NRT Building Services Group
3. Wiggett Group
4. Sureserve Fire and Electrical
5. PiLON
6. PFL Electrical
7. Axis Europe
8. Smith and Byford
9. Aaron Services
10. RGE Services
11. Niblock Building Contractors
12. AJS
13. Greyline Builders
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