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Our Climate Research Group met for the second time last week, we hear from our Head of Business Partnerships David Smith on how they got on. They’ve made great strides and have set out the vision for their insights document set to be launched later this year. 

By 18 January 2021, 74% of Local Authorities had declared a climate emergency. They pledge to be zero carbon (on average) by 2030. At the last meeting our Climate Workgroup agreed that they’d be dedicated to supporting the sector to achieve this through a number of initiatives. They’ll begin by publishing an insights document.

The Insights Document in a nutshell. 

The publication will be a strategic insight piece that supports the decarbonisation of housing stock and a move towards sustainable homes and living. It will be heavily focused on residents – improving live within the home rather than the focus on zero carbon for the physical asset.

To achieve this the Group is taking a three-fold approach. They’re creating three spin-off groups which will influence the document:

  • Group 1: Qualifying an investable transition from Boardroom to Resident.
    • Exploring high level investment models and good business case parameters. Providing guidance and options appraisals to landlords.
  • Group 2: Defining the why we aspire to do this.
    • Supporting the communications to residents. Exploring deep resident motivators against typical barriers. Creating resident literature SEC can produce, sponsor and support for use by our Members.
  • Group 3: Reviewing outcome benefits and efficiencies
    • Looking at smart ways to accelerate against the goal. Modelling early adopters’s premiums, vs delayed supply & demand premiums.

Next Steps 

The Group will be hosting two more workshops in July and October. They’ll use this to finalise the guidance for publication at the SEC Annual Conference in November 2021.

We’ll be publishing my blog updates as their conversations progress!

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