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Our DPS is now live!

The model allows for responsive works, void works and planned works at a variety of different levels. We’ve designed it this way so that both smaller customers and suppliers can benefit.

Our DPS provides a quick, effective and compliant way to manage your  projects. Procuring works from the model is easy. SEC will manage the process and be the initial point of contact if assistance or advice is needed.

Some aspects of the model are similar to a framework – but an important difference is that suppliers can join or leave the DPS at anytime.

Our customers have a range of requirements and are looking for a quick, effective and compliant way to manage their responsive repairs, voids and planned maintenance projects. This DPS offers a solution. 

We’ve now published the DPS through ProContract – a procurement portal run by Proactis. We’ve put together some guidance for customers and suppliers looking to use the DPS. 

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