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As part of our first wave of Foundation funding we recently donated £9,800 to support The Kent Community Housing Hub. We recently met with them to raise awareness of the great work they’re doing. 

The Hub is a small organisation that helps people across Kent to develop, run and sustain their own community housing projects.  They help to quip people with the resources and specialist advice to develop unique schemes which meets with the specific needs of their town or village. This is especially important when traditional avenues of home ownership and affordable, long-term secure rental options are not available.

“Our vision for community led housing gives local residents the power to create their own housing schemes, decide how they should be developed and have complete control over how they are run. Through community land trusts, co-housing and co-operatives we’re changing how housing works for everyone – one home at a time.”

Kent Community Housing Hub

The Hub provides a valuable service to community Led Housing Groups across Kent by: 

  • enabling them to formulate viable plans to develop their own, much needed, housing
  • providing training and knowledge-enhancing services to groups and housing professionals, empowering Groups to become sustainable, self-sufficient and confident – leading to greater community autonomy, progress and resilience
  • encouraging Groups to think about their wider ambitions beyond building housing; for example, creating community food-growing projects, retain/work spaces and sharing their experience and knowledge with other Groups to help them bring their own schemes to fruition.

Learn more about The Hub and how you could help here – Kent Community Housing Hub

Follow our specific Foundation Linked In page here.

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