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“Working collaboratively with SEC we have been able to procure an important contract that enables us to deliver our works programme to a reduced timeframe that also achieves a significant cost saving. We are pleased with the assistance provided by SEC and the outcome of this procurement.”

Martin ThomasHead of Asset Management & Compliance, Sutton Housing Partnership

Sutton Housing Partnership (SHP) asked SEC to deliver a compliant and cost effective procurement of their next stage of roofing works the resulting contract meant they saved £100,000 from accessing our exclusive framework rates.

We worked with SHP to determine that a direct award from SEC’s Internal and External Building Works framework would be the most suitable and cost affective solution.

SHP had an existing contract with Mulalley for new roof coverings that expired in the 2016/17 financial year.

The top ranked contractor under Lot 1: Major Refurbishments was Mulalley. This provided SHP with an opportunity for a quicker mobilisation period due to the continuity of contractor.

In depth pricing evaluations were developed and used in meetings between SHP and Mulalley to determine the cost comparison between the previous contract and the I&E Building Works framework.

The difference between costs were evaluated as follows:

           Previous Contract:     £1,614,755.82

           New Contract:            £1,510,002.92

           Savings:                        £104,752.90

Following these discussions Sutton Housing Partnership entered into a contract with Mulalley based on a direct award from the I&E framework.

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