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We supported London Borough Hammersmith & Fulham (LBHF) with a direct award to Axis Europe through our Internal & External Building Works Framework. Axis were employed to complete planned decorations and improvements to their Maystar Estate. The contract was worth £5m over a one year period.

The project encompassed 393 dwellings in total, housing at least 500 residents.

Axis’ team had a wide scope of work which included asbestos removals, building surveys, balcony replacements, drainage repairs, window and door restorations, roof repairs and a redecoration programme.

Project successes included – 

  • Axis’ comprehensive surveys of the balconies led to the client discovering the wet insulation which required quick work to repair.
  • Their Resident Liaison Officers worked closely with the Maystar Resident Association to ensure effective communication. They supported residents throughout the contract and provided bespoke customer care packages to meet all needs. One disabled gentleman could not access his garden. In response, Axis cut a gate into his balcony railing and installed a ramp for direct access. Another colleague noticed another disabled resident was struggling to open doors and difficulty with his movement. Through their partner charity, the Axis Foundation, they have funded the installation of an automatic door. Once fitted, Axis will provide a surveyor to determine a suitable electric wheelchair.
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