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“We’re here to make a difference to our customers and the wider sector. We remain focused on providing a great customer experience, helping our network to adapt to regulatory change and continuing to create a great environment to grow the skills our sector needs to innovate and collaborate – our 2023-26 operational plan is dedicated to this vision” 

–  Marc Baines, Managing Director

operational plan

Our 23-26 Operational Plan is simple – it’s all about supporting housing providers with the efficient delivery of their projects. It sets out our vision for where we want to be, and how we’re going to get there. It’s reinforced by our commitment to make public procurement easy for everyone, provide options on routes to market and save our customers time and money.

We’re excited to have developed this latest plan with our network. Since last Summer we’ve been speaking to our customers and suppliers on how we can best support them from 2023 and beyond.

Our plan will see us invest in supporting customers with their most pressing challenges:

  • Decarbonising their homes – alongside a wider programme of stock investment
  • Improving the golden thread of data to support better decision making
  • Adapting to new procurement regulations
  • Upskilling colleagues to fill skill shortages with procurement and technical experts.

By investing in these four challenges we’ll promote quality procurement, innovation and collaboration across all areas of our business.

With all these in mind here are our 2023-26 Operational Objectives:

  1. Collaborate, innovate and use market intelligence to improve data to support customer decision making.
  2.  Deliver a greater variety of procurement options for customers whilst implementing new regulations. 
  3. Create more training and coaching opportunities to turn guidance into action, supporting the sectors greatest challenges.

Learn more about our Operational Plan and each of our objectives here. Thanks again to all in our network that have helped us shape this plan. We can’t wait to get started. It’s an ambitious plan – but one we’re confident will truly make a difference to our customers. We pledge to collaborate and make a difference every step of the way.

Learn more - SEC Operational Plan 2023-26
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