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We’re excited to announce the appointment of our new Executive Team members! The team changes will help us drive growth and meet the objectives of our 23-26 Operational Plan. 

David Smith is appointed as our Director of Strategic Partnerships. This role drives our professional profile, exploring the market place to equip our Members with intelligence and solutions that adapt to our changing regulatory and economic environment. He’ll continue to develop our training and insights offer ensuring you and your business remain equipped to meet the challenges ahead.

Jenna Hicken is appointed as our Director of Operations. She is responsible for the delivery of future frameworks and oversight of the call-offs and Member specific procurement projects. Jenna will be responsible for continuing to deliver the practical solutions to your new procurement needs.

David Ashby is appointed as our Director of Strategic Development. This role will provide specific support to Members in developing strategies and solutions to the issues they face. He’ll be providing advice, guidance and solutions available to you and your teams.  David will also be navigating the changes through procurement reform ensuring your outcomes take advantage of the options these changes bring.

Our Vice-Chair, Antony Silk, comments on these appointments, ‘Together with our Managing Director, we are confident these appointments represent the high-class leadership, Member awareness and the creative and practical application we need to drive our plan and remain relevant and on hand to support our Members’.  

You can meet them and learn more about their new roles below. 

David Smith
Director of Strategic Partnerships

“I am delighted to have been appointed SEC’s Director of Strategic Partnerships. When I joined just over 3 years ago the 2 core purposes was to raise the profile of SEC and develop a range of meaningful re-investment strategies in our members and the wider housing sector. I am proud that we enter a new strategic plan cycle having achieved those things with great success. We know the value we can add to the sector and we have forged fantastic relationships with like minded, clients, suppliers and wider industry groups, government departments and charitable causes. We will always continue to work this way and I am excited to be leading this part of our unique business to the next stage of our development”.

Jenna Hicken
Director of Operations

I am delighted to be appointed as the Director of Operations for SEC to continue to grow and deliver a wide range of procurement options for our customers and provide technical expertise. During my time at SEC I have been fortunate to work with a team of hardworking, driven individuals that are passionate about working in the sector, and I am looking forward to leading the team to deliver our 23-26 Operational Plan.  I am excited to work with our stakeholders to build on our already well established collaborative relationships to help customers navigate through Procurement Reform, Building Safety and the Social Housing (Regulation) Act.

David Ashby
Director of Strategic Development

I have been working at SEC since 2016 and have had several different roles. I have seen SEC grow rapidly in that time and we are now at the start of our new three-year strategy (2023-26) and I am delighted that I can play an active role as Director of Strategic Development. We have a great team and a great culture and I look forward to working with Marc Baines on our future strategic development and increasing our support to our membership by building on the previous successes. I am also looking forward to continuing the development of our team through my new role so that we continue to offer high quality services that put you first and offer value.

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